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    Santa Jerry Nebel

      Proof of COVID vaccination should become a requirement of NORPAC membership don’t you think?

      Just as important (probably more) than a background check.

      Let’s show our customers we care.


      Ray Lewis

        I agree. Going for third shot Wednesday.


        Jerry Galland


          – with only a few weeks before membership renewal is due makes this requirement difficult to implement in a timely manner.

          -personal medical decisions should be between patient and physician. It is none of my business what your health condition is that allows or dis-allows certain treatments.

          -Christmas performers have the option of advertising themselves as vaccinate if they feel that is a factor in getting a client

          -clients have the choice to which Christmas performer they want to hire.

          -as a chapter of IBRBS, NORPAC-Santas should be following their guideline on this matter.


          -limiting membership to vaccinated only could limit membership.

          -vaccination is a voluntary choice.


          Russell Albright

            I agree with Santa Jerry Galland, whether to vaccinate or not is
            a personal decision, we are a membership organization of IBRBS,
            which has no such requirement.

            My vaccine status is nobody’s business except those that I choose
            to share it with.

            Ron Highfill

              Ron Highfill’s iPad

              On Dec 13, 2021, at 6:22 PM, Norpac Santas, webmaster <> wrote:

               well spoken and honest!

              Cameron Stewart

                NO! Absolutely not! It’s no one’s business if I am or if I’m not vaccinated!

                I have no problem wearing a mask and telling others to wear on facing me and talking.

                With space between us and taking pictures, by all means remove the mask and then we’re back to masks when done.


                Dave Myers

                  I Dissagree as well.

                  I’m fully vaccinated and don’t have a problem sharing that, if the customer asks.  However, my health is my business and I don’t think that we should be forced to share that if we do not choose to.  I would question it because I believe it probably falls under HIPA regulations, like someone already pointed out…..     Between you and your Doctor.

                  Santa Mark


                    I appreciate your view and concern for our collective “customers”. However, since we do work independently, that is information each can share as they see fit. I’m trusting that customers that prefer a vaccinated Santa will make that a stipulation of hire.

                    Thanks again for sharing your thoughts. I hope and trust you and all of NORPAC is having a wonderful season.

                    Ron Highfill

                      I attempted to make a reply to this myself but the site would not allow me to it said I used an inappropriate word but, I couldn’t find an appropriate word! I’m not sure how it’s being moderated, but I’m not happy with it! Of course I wasn’t happy with the topic to begin with that’s nobody’s business but mine! PS, thank you Jerry galland!

                      Ron Highfill’s iPad

                      On Dec 14, 2021, at 10:47 AM, Norpac Santas, webmaster <> wrote:


                      Ron Highfill

                        And yes like everybody else I have lost work this year because of this topic, my opinions of our new socialistic society doesn’t count I guess!

                        Ron Highfill’s iPad

                        On Dec 14, 2021, at 10:47 AM, Norpac Santas, webmaster <> wrote:


                        Dan Burke

                          I have a Disabled Wife I have to be concerned about, so I have not been working.  We got all our Vaccinations as soon as we where able.  As I understand this is beyond the regular cold, flu?  I worked in Health Care and in Schools.  Children are little Petri dishes?  In a normal Season I am likely to catch something.  My Wife and I both usually do well,  but this is not something I want to mess with?  So we are both being extra cautious?

                          Ron Highfill

                            Brother I understand extra cautious I have a blood clot problem problem and I am on Xarelto I do believe if I was to take the vaccine it would kill me! I’m not willing to take that chance!

                            Ron Highfill’s iPad

                            On Dec 14, 2021, at 11:11 AM, Norpac Santas, webmaster <> wrote:


                            Ron Highfill

                              Yes I said socialistic, read between the lines communistic!

                              Ron Highfill’s iPad

                              On Dec 14, 2021, at 10:54 AM, Norpac Santas, webmaster <> wrote:



                                Please remove me from the membership of NORPAC Santas and remove my information from the list of Santas on the web page.


                                Russell Albright

                                  As a chapter organization of IBRBS (which said organization does
                                  not have any such membership requirement), we will not be
                                  implementing any vaccine requirement into the membership
                                  requirements for our organization. To quote another Santa, where
                                  does it stop? Do we then require flu-shots as well? What about
                                  Santas that are unable to receive the vaccine for medical reasons
                                  (allergies, negative interactions with vaccine, etc)?

                                  If any Santa of Norpac would like to modify their written bio to
                                  include vaccine status (or any other updates), please send me an
                                  email ( with the new bio and I will
                                  get it updated for you as quickly as possible.

                                  We thank all of you for everything that you do, and want to wish
                                  each and everyone of you and joyous Christmas season.

                                  Santa Russell

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