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    Russell Albright

      We the board, need your input to help plan the conventions. We want to include everything that we can, so that there is something for everyone. Below is a tabulated version of the results we got back from the last convention. Please add your voice to this list, tell us what you would like to see as a theme for this upcoming conference as well as 2-3 class session ideas. We will then hold a poll either online/next meeting or both to narrow down ideas.

      1) What did you enjoy and what would you like to be continued or expanded.

      • Photography discussions were great
      • Anatomy of a home visit! Awesome
      • 6 I really liked the varying classes
      • Bring back the bucket dump
      • Another year of generous, kind engagement, a sense of commanrodery that will last throughout the season
      • 2 I really enjoyed the workshop – Connecting with kids – A story you can use –home visits – photo sessions and Santa frustrations
      • 3 It was all good
      • Basket auction, Presentations Photography presentation
      • As a first time workshop attendee I was simply blown away, not just by the brotherhood, but by the depth of knowledge that was passed on and freely shared. As community theater actor this was an easy transition, but knowing what I know now, truly ups my game.
      • 2 Ed Taylor presentation
      • Photographer was great, knowing what they are looking for
      • Better than last year, lots of info
      • Storytelling
      • It was all good but somehow missed it was all day Friday as well
      • Keeping the timing on track and the variety of topics
      • Audience participation
      • 4 Loved Dale’s presentation, storytelling was great as well as the photographer
      • Thursday’s meet and greet was great

      2) What was not appreciated, a waste of time, enjoyed minimally or just needs to go away.

      • Nothing
      • The Brothers in Red Quiz
      • 2 The ornament exchange – I bring a nice ornament and end up with really ugly ones. However if everyone enjoys it I’ll just not participate
      • Hospitality Room food not acceptable
      • Happy with most all but a pet peeve is folks hijacking time, it was minimal this year
      • Resume – minimal value
      • Home visit discussion Just OK
      • Formal dinner
      • Coffee service during meeting lacking no decaf no tea
      • Gala was disorganized, good dinner but just a dinner, no beverages

      3) What you would appreciate seeing changed, added, improved upon or new concepts.

      • 6 Mrs Claus training and working with Mrs Claus
      • Add hair care and bleaching
      • Add classes with kids with Austism (special needs)
      • Use actual kids as props during classes
      • Add Thursday class
      • Missed the prayful messages/stories and readings from Pastor Ron
      • Vegan food option
      • Enjoyed the Friday night gathering
      • Ask everyone to turn off their cell phones at the very beginning, so there is no pinging that you where texted or blue screens next to you
      • Worship program really proficient
      • Could we have heat? I always have to wear a coat and gloves all day
      • Maybe more things about things Santas do for people with kids, magic, stories do role playing possible improv theater group
      • Would like a discussion about rates, working with agents, photo studios
      • Mark Davidson volunteered to do a lecture on What kind of Santa do you want to be and How to grow into it.425.269.7021
      • A workshop where we bring in our electronic devices, where we are taught or helped to set up tools such as utilizing hashtags. How to get into Facebook and other social media. The leader would speak to us in normal english not computerees.
      • Miss the Santa photos on the waterpark, was even asked by GWL employees if we were going to do it. Would like to add family activities.
      • Program for workshop ahead of time and for newcomers to know the parade is in full costume and indoors
      • Keep the marketing discussions going and use of social media
      • Go back to tickets for the baskets, it gives those who are on a limited budget a chance too
      • Love to see Leon and Steve with their workshop
      • Ron K to do devotionals again
      • Liked the Friday night gathering, maybe have entertainment – music – comedy
      • More time for breaks, it started out fine but the breaks got fewer and fewer
      • Some of us are hard of hearing so check to make sure the everyone can hear before starting the presentation. Also when a question is asking from the floor have the presenter repeat the question so all can hear it and repeat the answers if it is not from the presenter.

      Thank you for your voice, it really does matter.

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    Message Boards Convention Ideas Evaulations 2019 and Conventions moving forward