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Dan Munro

    By coincidence, bleaching and toning is how I spent part of my day, getting ready for a photoshoot next week.   I looked around a few years ago but found a few folks who offered beard bleaching, and the ones I found were quite spendy.  Although I never called Super Cuts.

    Decided it was going to be cheaper and easier for me to learn to do it myself.  Glad I did.

    Today I got rid of the salt-n-pepper with SALLY HANSEN BLEACH CREAM FOR FACE AND BODY.  It is actually peroxide and I really found it simple once I stopped overthinking it.  Beards are tough. I will re-bleach the same day if I am not happy with the results.

    When that was done and my beard dry, I applied MANIC PANIC VIRGIN SNOW WHITE TONER.  Again, this is simple to apply, but I overdid it the first few times leaving it on too long and my beard turned to a grey/blue…. washed out in about a week.  Toner is essentially a bluing agent that remains behind in the hairs causing white light to be refracted. For me, the magic number is 30 minutes, and I don’t look like the blue-haired old gals at the Country Club.  But it does need to be repeated periodically during the season for me.

    The toner is the trickiest part but easy to figure out, even for a man.  Recommend experimenting on a small patch so you can see what it actually does.

    HOWEVER, if you do find someone who does beard whitening, I suspect we would all like to know about them.


    Santa Danta