Kraves, Daniel

Years ago while I was at a baseball game, an old man with a long beard sat next to me and said, “Hello Santa.” I replied,” I’m not Santa.” The old man said,” Yes you are. It takes a Santa to know a Santa.” This old man was Santa Norm. Meeting Santa Norm changed my life. Santa Norm became my mentor and I have totally embraced the Santa lifestyle. I am a member of both The International Brotherhood of Real Bearded Santas (IBRBS) and the NORPAC Santas. I have attended Santa School and have taken the Santa oath. I have portrayed Santa at schools, private parties, corporate events, businesses, for cities and towns and as an official Santa for NASCAR. I am at my best visiting one on one with the children. I have entertained people of special needs of all ages. I am versed in the Orthodox Christmas traditions. I carry professional liability insurance and have a current background check. Thank you for considering my services.

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