Glade, Aaron

A couple years back my wife volunteered me to be Santa at a church Christmas party. I bought a theatrical beard, borrowed a suit and had a blast. A few months later Covid hit, the world shut down and I stopped shaving. When the beard came in grey my wife said “Hi Santa” to me one morning and not only was it a challenge, well, it just seemed to fit. When Christmas 2020 rolled around and the world was still isolated and Santa visits were masked behind plexiglass, I decided that kids needed something more. Santa Aaron was born and he and his elves made socially distant doorstep visits to family and friends. Santa Aaron enjoys bringing happiness and cheer to children and families during the holidays. In the offseason he doubles as “Softball Santa” coach and a marriage and family therapist. Santa Aaron serves the Seattle and Eastside areas and is available for home visits, Santa pictures, photography shoots and holiday parties. Santa Aaron is vaccinated and boostered for Covid-19.

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