Hagen, Wm Lee “Bill”

Santa Wm Lee, or Santa Bill… was born in the far northeast, raised on the Jersey shore, later moved to the California coast, completed 20 years in the Army, and has called Washington his home since 1983. I have been portraying Santa Claus for my employer, family, and neighbors since 2012. I pride myself in portraying the old fashion long coated Santa with lots of joys bells and ring-a-jingling. One highlight that makes me a fun choice for your family events… I am a jolly Santa kid deep down inside. A few other highlights that make me a safe choice for your all holiday events, I am fully vaccinated against COVID-19, including my 3rd booster shot. If corporate requires proof of vaccination before your event, no problem; I can provide verification in several ways. Besides our Norpac-Santa background check; I have been full vetted by several federal, state, and county organizations. I always look forward to this special time of the year for children everywhere, sharing the Joy of Christmas, and opening their hearts and minds to the wonders of Santa Claus. Cheers and Happy Holidays to ALL!

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