Meeting Minutes of April 7, 2012

Meeting Minutes Meeting Minutes of April 7, 2012

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    Russell Albright

      NORPAC Santas
      Minutes of April 7, 2012
      Sizzler,Tukwila, Washington

      The meeting was called to order by Chairperson Santa Dennis Simpson. 28 Santas, Mrs. Clauses, and other guests present.
      Introduction of new Santas present. They were Michael Callahan, Tony Sinclair, and Jeyyr Nebel.
      The minutes of the previous meeting have been posted on the website for review.
      Treasurer’s Report
      Santa Dennis gave the Treasurer’s report as Treasurer Santa Dennis Gorley was unable to attend. We now have a Federal Tax ID number. In March we became a licensed non-profit organization. A bank account with a balance of $755.38 has been established with BECU. Dennis Simpson (CoChairperson) and Dennis Gorley (Treasurer) will have signature authority. A buget for 2012 is being established. We have 26 paid members and we have $300 revenue from the 50-50. Under expenditures there is a reimbursement for expenses for the Great Wolfe conference and Website expensed. Office supplies and room rentals will also be included in the budget.
      Old Business
      Santa Dennis S. can still get the Norpac name tags. The cost will depend on how many are order, but will not be more than $10.
      If you have any ideas for meeting places contact Dennis Upcoming gathering dates are:
      June 2 – for the next regular meeting. It was tentatively set for Cabelas, but they have a room charge, so location may change.
      August 4 – Potluck at Simpson’s home in Port Orchard. Everyone will bring their meat and a dish to share We will have a tour of Michelle’s “The Nurse Museum a Childhood Prespective”
      Aptil 15th – Santa’s Pack at El Presidente Restaurant and Cantina in Vancouver, WA.
      Nov. 1-2-3 – Conference at Great Wolfe Lodge, if the CPI project continues this year, the dates will be conflicting.

      New Business

      Libby Carr has zipper binders that can be used for portfolios. She will bring them to the next meeting, and the price will be right!

      The FORBS Santa Reunion will be Jan. 27, 2013. There will be regional meetings instead of one large meeting. Dennis asked If there were volunteers to help Santa Pack organize this, Scott Schmitter, Karen Hayes, and Al Krush indicated their interest.

      Planning for our Great Wolfe Conference has been started. Workshops will be held on Friday and Saturday. No two workshops will be held at the same time, so all can attend. More round table time will be included with less structured workshops. Email Santa Dennis S. with your ideas for these workshops. It is hoped that there can be more and varied vendors present. Watch for items for items for the welcome bags.

      Santa Tim McConnaghan will hold his School 4 Santas on July 28th and 29th in Seattle. We will have an opportunity to join him for Sunday Dinner.

      A suggestion was made that we have a swap table for Santa items. Candidates for this table might be shirts that the closet gases have shrunk, gloves and boots that don’t fit. Santa Pat Costello suggested we have a silent auction.

      Santa Dennis S. has been appointed Regional Director of Santa America Children’s Disaster Relief . Several weeks after an emergency, Santa will go in with new toys for the kids who have lost everything. This organization is tax sheltered and the funds are donated.
      The group works at the invitation and under either FEMA or the Red Cross ‘s direction. It is hoped that Norpac members can be certified at our Great Wolf conference.

      Last call was made for the 50-50. $35 was the prize.

      The meeting closed with the Santa Oath.

      Respectfully submitted,
      Santa Eddie and Karen (Mrs. Claus) Hayes, Secretary

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    Meeting Minutes Meeting Minutes of April 7, 2012

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