Meeting Minutes June 1st 2013

Meeting Minutes Meeting Minutes June 1st 2013

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    Russell Albright

      Meeting of NORPAC Santas
      June 1, 2013
      Panorama City, Lacey, WA

      1. Greetings. Co‐chairman Dennis Simpson called themeeting to order at 12:25 PM and welcomed everyone. There were 36 Santas, Mrs. Clauses, and guestsin attendance.

      2. Meal Blessing. Santa Ron Kearns gave the blessing.

      3. Santa Oath. Santa Dennis S. led us in this.

      4. Introductions.
      Guests included seamstress extraordinaire Jackie Nobel, David Moon, Larry McNaught, Santa Rich Pochman from Starlight Children’s Foundation, and Santa Randy Mawdsley.

      5. Minutes from our previous meeting on Apr. 6, 2013, were unanimously approved as printed.

      6. Treasurer’s Report.
      Santa Dennis Gorley reported that our treasury is presently in good shape with a current balance (as of May 31, 2013) of $2,350.86. $2,245.67 of that total is in Checking and $105.19 in Savings

      7. Reports:
      Upcoming Santa Events. Santa Dennis mentioned the following:Santas Pack, Vancouver, WA June 9, 2013

      NORPAC Conference Nov. 7‐9, 2013 Great Wolf Lodge,Grand Mound,WA

      ClausFest, Gatlinburg, TN March 14‐19, 2014

      IBRBS, Tampa, FL May 15‐17, 2014

      Starlight Children’s Foundation.
      Santa Rich shared information about this foundation which provides Santas to sick children. He said there’s an ongoing need to identify additional Santas to help meet the needs.He will send further information to Santa Dennis it can be distributed to our members.

      Biggest Loser Contest.
      Glenna Gorley announced that Maureen Weisser had lost the most weight among the women participating in this contest and Dennis Simpson the same for the
      men. Congratulations to everyone participating. The contest will continue at least until our next meeting.

      8. Old Business:
      NORPAC Conference. Santa Dennis S. hopes to get the registration information sent out within the next two weeks.He reported that he expects the registration fees and the room rates at the Great Wolf Lodge to remain as they were in 2012.He’ll also include information about nearby RV accommodations, and about a “secondary” hotel as an alternative to the Great Wolf Lodge. Dennis also mentioned that he’s looking for items to be included in this year’s “goody bag” for conference attendees. Let Dennis know if you have something to contribute. A new event at this year’s conference will be gift baskets donated by individuals or groups.
      The baskets will be raffled as a fund‐raiser for NORPAC. Santa Al and Ellen Krush mentioned that they have a number of empty baskets they’d be willing to give to anyone putting together a basket to be raffled.

      Liability Insurance.
      Santa Dennis S. led a discussion about whether NORPAC should continue to explore the purchase of individual liability insurance through our organization. When he called for a show of hands to indicate possible interest, only five individuals responded. Based on that response,the Executive Committee decided to table this topic until increased interest is indicated at some future time.

      9. New Business:
      Santa Tom&Carol Mead. Santa Dennis thanked the Mead’s for making arrangements for today’s meeting at Panorama City, and he specifically acknowledged Carol for her long‐time
      contributions and support of NORPAC. Santa Al Krush shared a wonderful business card that in a way is his own version of a Santa’s Oath. Using the letters of SANTA CLAUS, Santa Al reminds us to See A Need, Take Action,
      Caringly, Lovingly, Anonymously,Unconditionally, and Sacrificially. Al gave permission for any of us to adopt or use this information as we may see fit. Thanks Santa Al!!

      Public Relations.
      Santa Dennis S. expressed the desire to identify one of our Santas as a Public Relations or PR guy to interact with the media or others as such needs occur. At least two individuals approached Dennis to express interest.

      Jackie Nobel was introduced again and shared a variety of new clothing products she’s able to produce.Her products may be viewed on “Santas on Facebook.”

      10. 50/50 Raffle.
      Santa DennisG. announced that $161 was collected for today’s 50/50 raffle. Karen Hayes had the winning ticket and collected half of this amount.

      The meeting was adjourned by Santa Dennis S. at 2:05 PM.

      Respectfully submitted,
      Dale Scott, Secretary

      Next Meeting: Aug. 3, 2013 12Noon
      A Picnic at the Home of
      Santa Dennis & Michelle Simpson
      1762 Vista Rama Dr. E.
      Port Orchard, WA 98366

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    Meeting Minutes Meeting Minutes June 1st 2013

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