Meeting Minutes February 4, 2012

Meeting Minutes Meeting Minutes February 4, 2012

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    Russell Albright

      Santa Dennis Simpson greeted those in attendance and called the meeting to order.

      Santa Ron Kearns blessed our meal.
      Each Santa introduced himself and spouse and where they were from.
      The meeting was begun with reciting the Santa Claus Oath.

      It was announced that Santa John Puryear had passed away. Debbie Puryear was introduced and thanked everyone for their support. She also reported that John had been Santa at their church the Sunday before his passing. She also said that Adriana missed her Papa but was doing okay.

      New Santas present were recognized. They were Floyd and JoAnn Lane from Centralia, Steve Barton from Seattle, and Pat Costello from Seattle.

      Santa Dennis reported on three major upcoming Santa gatherings: Santa Round Table in Atlanta in February, March is Gatlinburg in Tennessee, Santa Claus Workshop held in Indiana April 19-21. Email Santa Dennis if interested.

      New Business

      The proposed By-Law Amendments were discussed. The adopted changes are:

      Section 6.1 Officers. The Executive Board shall consist of four permanent positions identified as Past Chairperson, Co-Chairperson, Co-Chairperson, Secretary, and Treasurer. The past chair shall serve on the Executive Board as an advisor and voting member. Additional officer positions may be added upon approval of the membership. Section 6.2 Qualifications: all officers must be active participants and meet membership criteria as described in Article 3 of these By-laws and be active Christmas Holiday performers.
      It was moved and second that the proposed amendment be approved. Motion passed.
      Discussion of these positions followed. The positions will be for a two year term. All will be voting members. The nominated slate proposed

      Past chairperson: Ron Kearns
      Co-Chairperson: Dennis Simpson
      Co-Chairperson: Trever Waltos
      Secretary: Eddie and Karen Hayes
      Treasurer: Dennis Gorley

      It was moved and seconded that the nominated slate become the elected slate. Motion passed.

      Article 1. Name
      Section 1.1 Name. The name of this society shall be Norpac Santas
      Section 2 1.2 Motto. The official motto of Norpac Santas shall be:
      In the eyes of children we see the joy of Christmas:
      In the hearts of children we see the true meaning of Christmas.
      Section 1.3 Norpac Santas is a non-profit organization as defined by the IRS Code 501 (c) 7
      Recreational and social non-profit club.
      It was moved and seconded that section 1.3 be approved. Motion passed.

      Santa Dennis stated that as Norpac is a non-profit club it will get a tax ID number. It can then set up a checking account. A motion was made and seconded that this be done. Motion passed.

      Santa Dennis has prepared a work sheet on the 2011 Great Wolf conference expenses and costs. This is available to anyone that is interested.

      Tentative dates for future meetings are:
      April 7 – Sizzler at South Center
      June 2 – Cabelas
      August 4 – Potluck dinner at Simpson’s home in Port Orchard
      November 1-3 – Great Wolf Lodge

      Dennis will have Norpac Name Tags made for those who wish to purchase them. Give him or Email any names that would like a nametag.

      A special presentation was made by Santa Ron to Santa Tom and Carol Mead. They were presented with a plaque, recognizing their years of service and the joy they have brought to children. Tom has been a Santa for 57 years.

      Santa Dennis reported on the San Diego Santa Reunion XVIII. One of the favorite activities was a Santa Flash Mob at the In-N-Out Burgers. It can be found on You Tube (Forbs Flash Mob). There were also small rubber penguins (Freddy FORBS) given away. Pictures were taken of places where he and Santa visited and posted on Face Book.

      Charming, sad, funny, or poignant memories of the 2011 Season were then shared. There were many interesting stories including leaving the bleach on the beard too long with the subsequent falling out of Santa’s beard and then doing a beard comb over. Santa’s belt falling apart at an appearance, but Mrs. Claus saved the day because she had made sure Santa had a back-up belt. Making a visit to the Orting Soldiers Home where Mrs. Claus was a bigger hit than Santa. A wardrobe malfunction that revealed Santa’s 4 year old Tinkerbelle underwear. Santa was present when Daddy arrived home from Afghanistan. Finally a child’s report that Daddy is bad, he has a girl friend.

      It was announced that our dues will pay for the hosting of our Website as well as other related Norpac expenses.. Check the website for pertinent news, to make connections, and check for positions and jobs that are open.

      Santa Dennis then shared information about Forbs benefits. It has a $25 membership fee. Santas can get a background check for $18. There is also 1 or 2 million dollar affordable liability insurance available with Forbs.

      The meeting was adjourned with a 50-50 drawing. Santa Ernie was the lucky recipient of $100.

      Respectfully submitted,
      Eddie and Karen Hayes, Secretary

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    Meeting Minutes Meeting Minutes February 4, 2012

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