Meeting Minutes April 4, 2015

Meeting Minutes Meeting Minutes April 4, 2015

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    Russell Albright

      Minutes of General Membership Meeting

      Welcome & Meal Blessing: This meeting directly followed the executive committee session and began just after noon with Ron Kearns welcoming everyone and giving a blessing for both the meal and the meeting to follow. A total of 31 people were in attendance.

      Santa Oath: Trever Waltos led us in The Santa Oath.

      Greetings and Introductions: Dennis Simpson also welcomed everyone and asked new attendees to introduce themselves. Santas Bill Strong, Robert McDonald, and Timothy Hunter did so. Each had been to one previous NORPAC meeting. Also introducing themselves were Santas Michael Dresdner and Howard Carson, both attending their first NORPAC meeting. Welcome to everyone!

      Minutes: Dennis S. shared that the minutes from our last meeting (Feb. 7, 2015) had been sent out and also posted on the website. Hearing no additions or corrections, the minutes will be considered approved as printed.

      Treasurer’s Report: Dennis Gorley reported that as of April 1, 2015, NORPAC has 40 members in good standing. Of those, 10 purchased their background checks through NORPAC. He further reported Year to Date (YTD) revenues of $802.08 and YTD Expenditures of $254.69. NORPAC’s bank balance (also as of April 1, 2015) stands at $3,140.69; $105.41 is in Savings, $3,035.28 is in Checking, and $45.00 is in cash (to use in making change for the 50/50 drawings).

      Upcoming Santa gatherings: Discover Santa 2016
      July 6-10, 2016, Branson, Missouri

      Tacoma Rainiers Baseball Game & Toy Drive
      July 26, 2015, Cheney Stadium, Tacoma

      Santas Pack (for Portland and Vancouver area Santas) Apr. 12 Vancouver
      July 12 Beaverton
      Oct. 11 Vancouver
      Dec. 29 Vancouver

      School for Santas, June 6-7, Portland

      Gordon Bailey’s Santa School, July 24-25, Lakewood

      Toys for Tots: Dale Scott introduced guest Jeff Brennan from Toys for Tots. Jeff is the Public Relations Officer and Procurement Officer for Pierce County Toys for Tots and has agreed to work with NORPAC to incorporate a toy drive with our attendance at the Rainiers ballgame on July 26th. Jeff has contacts with the Rainiers, the Marine Corps, and several media sources and promised to help us coordinate the various elements to make this a successful event. Jeff also invited us to learn more by visiting the Toys for Tots facility in Tacoma. Dale will coordinate with Jeff to set a date for those interested in making that visit.
      Jeff’s contact information was requested. It is: Jeff Brennan
      Cell: 253-459-4943

      Old Business
      Fall Conference: Dennis S. reviewed the difficulties we’re encountering because the Great Wolf Lodge has decided not to give us the reduced room rates this year on the particular days we’d want to have the conference (i.e., the first Thurs./Fri/Sat. in Nov. on which we’ve held our conference at the GWL for the past 5 years). Several options were discussed at some length. These included changing the date of the conference at GWL, moving the conference to Ocean Shores or Leavenworth, doing a 1-day event at some location along the I-5 corridor to include workshops and meal(s), or holding a dinner or banquet at an I-5 location. Dennis asked for a show of hands regarding the various possibilities and the greatest interest was in holding a one day event this year. We’ll look into possible locations for such an event; a hotel in DuPont with conference facilities was recommended. Dennis also agreed to make contact with the GWL to see about negotiating reduced room rates on our preferred dates so that the NORPAC conference can return to the GWL in Nov. 2016.

      Sleigh: Dennis told the group about the sleigh he’s storing at his home and the need to have it repainted and “spruced up” a bit. It seemed to be the consensus that it would be nice to keep this sleigh so it would be available for the NORPAC group. The Evergreen Woodworking Guild and the Rogers High School voc. class were both recommended as possibilities for getting the sleigh painted and refurbished.

      Jackets: Dennis S. modeled the new jacket he’s had made. This is a lightweight, red nylon jacket which can be ordered at a cost of $35. About 15 people expressed interest in buying such a jacket. Dennis will order a few in several sizes so that they may be tried on before placing the order.

      Meeting in Yakima: Dennis S. has received an inquiry from some Santas in the Yakima area asking if we’d consider having a NORPAC meeting in that area. There was very little interest in driving to Yakima for one of our meetings.

      Alcohol at Rainiers Game: Dennis S. reminded all of us that the exec. committee has had a discussion about drinking beer at the upcoming Rainiers game. We request of our entire group that there be no alcohol consumption by any of us at that event. Santa drinking a beer is not the image we want to portray at a NORPAC event.

      Sharing: Richard Daiker recommended a particular curling iron with which he’s had good results in curling his beard. It is the Perfecter Fusion Styler available at Bed, bath & Beyond.

      Santa Eddie sent a box of Christmas books with instructions to help ourselves if interested. Thank you Eddie!

      Dennis S. has several pairs of unused socks he’s willing to give to anyone who can use them. They are comfortable socks intended for somebody with wide ankles or calves. Contact Dennis if interested.

      Lou Murkowski put in a plug for the upcoming Spring Fair at the Puyallup Fair Grounds and encouraged anyone who may be attending to stop by the booth where he’ll be selling “raindeer jerky”.

      50/50 Drawing: Dennis G. reported that he’d collected a total of $126. Bill Strong held the winning ticket and collected $63 with that same amount being added to NORPAC’s general fund.

      Meeting adjourned at 1:55 PM.

      Next Meeting: June 6, 2015, Noon
      Santa Tom Mead
      Panorama City
      1751 Circle Ln SE
      Lacey, WA 98503

      Respectfully submitted,
      Dale Scott, NORPAC Secretary

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    Meeting Minutes Meeting Minutes April 4, 2015

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