Meeting Minutes April 1, 2017

Meeting Minutes Meeting Minutes April 1, 2017

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    Russell Albright

      General Membership Meeting

      Greetings. Trever called the meeting to order at about 12:10 PM and welcomed everyone attending. There were 40 people at the meeting including Santas, Mrs. Clauses, and friends of NORPAC.

      Meal Blessing. Ron gave a blessing for our meeting and for the meal we each enjoyed.

      Oaths. Trever led Santas in the Santa Oath, and Nancy Smith led the ladies in reciting the Mrs. Claus Oath.

      Introductions. First time attendees included Santa Marshall Dunston (Seattle), Santa Tim Lorang and Mrs. Claus Linda Parker (Seattle), and Santa Bob Howard (Burien). Special welcome to our newcomers! We hope you’ll become active members of NORPAC.

      Minutes. Dale shared that the minutes of each meeting are posted on the NORPAC website shortly after each meeting. The minutes from our previous meeting on Feb. 4, 2017 have been posted for several weeks, and those from today’s minutes will be posted shortly.

      Treasurer’s Report. Dennis G. shared his report noting that as of 3/31/2017, NORPAC’s YTD treasury balance was $4,886.62. We currently have $431.13 in Savings, $4,405.49 in Checking, and $50.00 in Petty Cash. He also noted that 2017 membership data includes 33 members paid, 17 past members not yet renewed, and that 15 renewals included background checks through NORPAC. Finally, Dennis reminded us that NORPAC is again planning to attend a Tacoma Rainiers baseball game on Sunday, July 16th. Ticket price this year will be $15 which includes seating in a reserved seat, a hotdog, chips, and a bottle of water.

      Upcoming Santa Gatherings. Nationwide Santas Conference, Apr.28-May 1, Las Vegas
      Memorial for Scott Schmittler, April 29,
      12 Noon, Abundant Life Foursquare Church
      School4Santas, June 24-25, Seattle
      Mariners Baseball Game, July 3, Seattle Mariners vs
      Kansas City Royals, Fireworks show following
      Santa Bob Partlow has further information
      Tacoma Rainiers Game, July 16, Game begins @ 1:35 PM
      Santa Gathering, Lancaster PA, Sept. 14-17, 2017
      8th Annual Northwest Santa Conference, Nov. 2-4, Great Wolf Lodge
      2018 IBRBS Santa Celebration, Apr. 18-22, 2018, Denver

      Old Business:

      Conference at Great Wolf Lodge. Trever mentioned the dates for the 8th Annual Northwest Santa Conference at the Great Wolf Lodge, Nov. 2-4, 2017. He also shared that this year’s participants will receive a “Certificate of Completion.” A significant change this year will be that Santa Bob Sutter (“Santa True”) has been hired to be the key presenter and will most likely give presentations on four different topics.

      Charity Giving. It was mentioned that we’re considering various possibilities in terms of an appropriate charity (or charities) to which NORPAC might want to contribute. Trever mentioned that suggestions could be e-mailed to him, with a brief explanation of the rationale for that recommendation. Bill Strong mentioned that he learned while working for Toys R Us last season that they have money available to contribute to Toys 4 Tots. Bill can provide some contact information if we decide to pursue that.

      New Business:

      Timing for Northwest Santa Conference. While meeting with management at the Great Wolf Lodge, Trever and Ron learned that having our conference there in September (rather than November) could be a possibility in future years. Discussion took place on whether that might allow more Santas to participate. Trever asked for a show of hands as to who might favor a September conference. 14 or 15 people raised their hands. The rest, about 25 people, either preferred the usual November time or didn’t have a preference. No decisions were made.

      50/50 Drawing. $146 was collected today. Dick McKinley had the winning ticket and collected $73.00.

      Meeting adjourned at 1:05 PM, followed by group pictures.

      Respectfully submitted,
      Dale Scott, Secretary

      Next Meeting: June 3, 2017, Billy McHale’s Restaurant, Federal Way

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    Meeting Minutes Meeting Minutes April 1, 2017

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