June 7, 2021 Exec Board Meeting

Meeting Minutes June 7, 2021 Exec Board Meeting

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    Jerry Galland


      Exec Meeting – Minutes

      June 7, 2021 -7:00pm


      Board members in attendance were Ron Kearns, Russell Albright ll, Dennis Gorley, Mark DeMonbrun, Jerry Galland.


      Santa Ron called the meeting to order at 7:00.


      Dennis Simpson not able to make it but submitted great responses to the questions.


      Topics are convention for this year in October.


      Action items:

      Confirm room available the evening of Friday for Elvis.

      Morning devotional- if scheduled 8:30-9 Saturday

      Confirm max capacity at hotel

      Buy/sell/trade table


      Item discussed


      The board discussed several items working towards making the in-person conference an event to look forward to.


      Of importance was how much would the NORPAC contribution be so we could offer an attractive rate to our members?

      Dennis made motion that Norpac contribution not exceed $5,000

      Russell seconded



      We are still working on finalization of the Single and Couple registration fees.


      Based on state mandates at the time, we agreed to limit registrations at 70 maximum. The total may change as we get closer.

      To ensure members have priority, we will also offer registration to members several weeks prior to opening up to the general public.


      We expect to have live entertainment on Friday night.


      We are having a catered meal Saturday lunch.


      Dennis Gorley made motion to opt for max lunch cost per plate of $19.00.

      Mark seconded.



      Ron made motion that conference fee be 150 single 200 couple

      Dennis Seconded



      Jerry made motion for August 15th deadline for NORPAC member priority registration, then open to everyone.

      Mark seconded



      Dennis made motion that we hold basket auction.

      Mark Seconded



      Russell made motion for $20 extra fee for addition people for our catered meal.

      Mark seconded





      Additional items.

      Voted to cater from Carrs for August meeting at Ernies –


      Dennis made motion to set a max per person cost $10 with max cost of $19.00.

      Russell seconded.



      Elections need to be open for officers for 2022



      We are scheduled to have an in-person exec meeting Saturday 8:30 June 26th at Elmer’s in Tacoma.


      Meeting adjourned 8:30






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    Meeting Minutes June 7, 2021 Exec Board Meeting

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