General Membership Meeting Feb 1 2020

Meeting Minutes General Membership Meeting Feb 1 2020

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    Russell Albright

      NORPAC Santas met at noon today at Billy McHale’s Restaurant in Federal Way, WA. A total of 60 people attended including many Santas and a number of Mrs. Clauses as well. About an hour was spent enjoying the food and visiting with each other.

      Greetings .
      Trever Waltos welcomed everyone and called the meeting to order at about 1:10 PM. He commented that he’d received a message from Vinnie O’Conner who is in California and undergoing some cancer treatments. Vinnie asked for prayers from NORPAC members.
      Meal Blessing. Gene Sanders provided a blessing for the meal.

      Santa Claus Oath & Mrs. Claus Oath
      Trever asked Tony and Laurie Christen to lead the group in reciting
      the Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus Oath.

      New Attendees
      Those attending their first NORPAC meeting introduced themselves. They included: Santas Randy Cornwell (from Puyallup); Earl Bricker (Edmonds); Mike Green (Edmonds); and Donald
      “Dusty” Rhodes (Oak Harbor). Also attending her first NORPAC meeting was Leslie Albright (Lakewood).

      Dale Scott reminded everyone that minutes from the NORPAC meetings are posted on the NORPAC website within a few days following each meeting. Minutes that have been posted since our last
      general membership meeting in August include: Board Meeting and General Membership Meeting (Aug. 3, 2019); 10th Annual Northwest Santa Workshop (Oct. 4-5, 2019); and Board Meeting (Jan. 4, 2020).

      Treasurer’s Report
      Dennis Gorley highlighted the “2019 Year End Report” that he’s recently prepared. On Jan. 1, 2019 NORPAC’s treasury had a balance of $7,510.84. Total Revenues for the year were $11,069.05, total Expenditures were $8,510.66, and Petty Cash was $50.00 for a year-end Balance (on 12/31/19) of $10,119.23. These expenses, revenues, and totals were reviewed and approved by the Board on Jan. 4, 2020.
      Dennis further reported that membership in 2019 totaled 72 with 36 members securing their background checks through NORPAC.
      The Northwest Santa Workshop last October had 70 people registered (17 individuals, 21 couples, 6 adult guests and 5 child guests). Revenue for the workshop was $7,100.00 and Expenditures were $6,219.00. Dennis has prepared a proposed budget for 2020 which will be presented to the Board to be elected later during today’s meeting. Dennis encouraged anyone who has questions about any aspect of NORPAC’s finances to please contact him.

      Upcoming Santa Gathering
      Trever reported on three upcoming events:
      Apr. 23-25 – IBRBS International Santa Conference, Atlanta GA. When Trever asked who would be attending, 5 raised their hands.

      May 16th & 17th – Brothers Claus (Steven Gillham and Leon McBryde) will present their entertaining workshop in this
      area. Details may be obtained at
      Trever has reserved ​space at 6:00 that Sat. evening at the Old Spaghetti Factory in Tukwila for those attending the workshop who would like to have dinner together.

      July 25 – Mariners Baseball Game/Toys for Kids. This will be a daytime game on a Saturday. He will send further details as they become known.

      Old Business
      Trever presented a plaque to Dennis Simpson, one of the three founders of NORPAC. Trever Waltos and Ron Kearns (the other two founding members) had been presented similar plaques last fall at
      the workshop at the Great Wolf Lodge. Dennis was working in New York so couldn’t receive his plaque at that time. Dennis recognized the encouragement and help that Santa Tom Mead had provided as
      NORPAC began over 10 years ago.

      New Business
      1. Election of Board Members. Dennis Gorley shared the names of members who have volunteered to run for one of the officer positions on the NORPAC Board. This included Ron Kearns-President, Russell Albright II-Vice President, Jerry Galland-Secretary, and Dennis Gorley-Treasurer . As the name for each position was read, Dennis asked if there were any additional nominations from the floor. There being none, it was moved by Ron Highfill and seconded by
      Tony Christen that we cast a single voice vote to elect the four named individuals to the Board. The motion was approved unanimously. Congratulations to Ron, Russell, Jerry and Dennis. It was noted that at least two individuals (Ernie Walker and Mark DeMonbrun) have indicated a willingness to serve as “At-Large” board members. “At-Large” members are appointed by the board rather than elected, so the new board will decide whether to do this or not.

      2. NORPAC Website
      Trever explained the history of NORPAC’s website and the costs ($114 annually plus $10 or so more for the domain name). He discussed the limitations of the basic site and encouraged the new board to consider possible other options and costs if they want an enhanced website. Trever is willing to continue as webmaster if it’s decided to continue with the current format.
      Trever also reminded NORPAC members who are not currently featured on the website that they can be added by sending him a photo and a short bio of the information to be included. The
      photo and bio need to be sent as two documents.

      3. Sharing . Trever asked for volunteers to briefly share one highlight or special event from the recent Christmas season. About 15 people shared a special occurrence.

      50/50 Drawing
      Dennis G. shared that $329 had been collected for today’s 50/50 drawing. A waitress selected the winning raffle ticket which had been purchased by Ron Highfill. Ron collected $165.

      The meeting was adjourned at 2:35 followed by group photos.

      Respectfully submitted,
      Dale Scott, Secretary

      Next NORPAC Meeting:
      Saturday, April 4, 2020 – Noon – Billy McHale’s, Federal Way

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    Meeting Minutes General Membership Meeting Feb 1 2020

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