Executive Board Meeting March 5,2018

Meeting Minutes Executive Board Meeting March 5,2018

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    Russell Albright

      On March 5, 2018, NORPAC’s Executive Board gathered for a dinner meeting at 6:30 PM at Elmer’s Restaurant in Tacoma. Board members attending included Randy Cook, Jerry Galland, Dennis Gorley, Ron Kearns, Gene Sanders, Dale Scott, and Trever Waltos. Also in attendance were Margie Cook and Tracey Galland. The main purpose of the meeting was to make a decision regarding NORPAC’s sponsoring of Robert Seutter (“Santa True”) for a summer workshop.

      Trever called the meeting to order at 6:30 PM.

      Santa True Workshop. Randy spent several minutes reviewing the results from the survey recently sent to NORPAC members in an effort to determine their level of interest in having NORPAC bring Santa True back to this area for a two-day summer workshop. There were 45 NORPAC members who completed the survey. The response to the survey’s various questions was overwhelmingly positive. Dennis moved (Gene 2nded) that NORPAC sponsor a two-day, summer workshop to be presented by Santa True. Discussion followed.
      • Per Santa True’s proposal to NORPAC, he will provide a 15 hour workshop spread over two days. For this True will be paid $4000 (with a $500 non-refundable deposit to hold the date). True has suggested a $200 fee be charged to each participant (or $350 per couple). We would need 20 participants at $200 each to cover his fee. If fewer than 20 people sign up, NORPAC will be responsible for the balance of True’s fee. If more than 20 register, the additional amount collected would be profit for NORPAC.
      • This will be an “advanced character” workshop which True sees as the “next step” to the information he presented at the fall conference last November.
      • NORPAC may cancel the event by giving 30 days’ notice to Santa True.
      • True will be responsible for his transportation and hotel costs and for providing workshop handouts.
      • NORPAC will be responsible for providing coffee and water, securing a venue, and handling registrations.
      • Most of the comments were in support of the proposed workshop.
      • Ron felt it was fine to bring True in for our fall conference but didn’t think we should be sponsoring a summer workshop in addition to the fall conference.
      • Jerry expressed two concerns. One was that he felt the questions on the survey were unfairly biased toward proceeding with the workshop. The other was that NORPAC members may be unclear as to our financial obligations in the event that low registration does not meet costs.
      Dennis moved (Randy 2nded) that we call the question. The vote to end discussion was unanimous. Trever then called for a vote on the motion that NORPAC sponsor a two-day, summer workshop by Santa True. The vote was 5 Yes, 1 No, and 1 Abstain. Motion carried.
      Trever asked Randy to contact True to have him send NORPAC a contract. The tentative date for the workshop will be June 9-10, location to be determined. Randy will check with a contact he has in the Renton School District about a possible workshop location in that area; Dale will contact Pierce County Libraries about possible use of one of their meeting rooms.

      Discussion of Fall Conference. Trever began a brief discussion of the fall conference, which will be the 9th Annual Northwest Santa Workshop. Some possibilities for presenters include local story tellers, a drama teacher to focus on effective body movement, and/or “improv” instruction.

      Per input received at NORPAC’s general meeting last month, we’ve moved the workshop from November to October this year. The dates will be Oct. 4-6 at the Great Wolf Lodge. Gene will send out a “Save the Dates” message to our members letting them know the dates of both the Santa True workshop and the fall conference.

      Some discussion took place on how we might proceed in terms of advertising both of these upcoming events.

      Misc. Toward the end of the meeting, “at-large” Board member Ron Kearns gave his written resignation to Trever, noting his desire “to allow others to serve and put their input into our great group.”

      Meeting adjourned at 8:35PM.

      Respectfully submitted,
      Dale Scott, NORPAC Secretary

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    Meeting Minutes Executive Board Meeting March 5,2018

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