Executive Board Meeting Jan 4, 2020

Meeting Minutes Executive Board Meeting Jan 4, 2020

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    Russell Albright

      The NORPAC Board met at noon on Jan. 4, 2020 at the home of Board Chair Trever Waltos. Besides Trever, others present included Randy Cook, Dennis Gorley, Dale Scott, Gene Sanders, and Dennis Simpson. Trever called the meeting to order at 12:15 PM.

      Treasurer’s Report .
      Treasurer Dennis G. discussed the financial reports that, in preparation for this meeting, he had sent to the Board Members a few days ago. These included Revenue and Expenditures Reports for 2019, NORPAC’s Budget vs Actuals 2019 Report, and NORPAC’s Bank
      Book Debits Deposit Report for 2019. Board members have also received from Dennis the 2019 Workshop Revenue and Expenditure Report for the Santa Workshop last October at the great Wolf Lodge.
      We begin the year with a bank balance (as of 12/20/19) of $10,069.23 ($432.24 in Savings and $9,636.99 in Checking). Dennis will present a proposed budget for 2020 to the new Board to be
      elected at the upcoming general membership meeting on 2/1/2020. Dennis S. moved (Randy 2nded) acceptance of the Treasurer’s report as presented. Motion approved unanimously. Workshop Evaluations . Gene had compiled the results of the individual evaluations that many participants had completed in the 10th Annual Santa Workshop last October. Discussion followed. There was consensus that the variety of topics presented was well received and appreciated. Some of the discussion centered on whether we need to bring in an outside
      presenter to keynote our workshop. We know that we have lots of highly talented individuals among our own members. We agreed that at the upcoming NORPAC meeting we’d ask for volunteers to serve on the planning committee for the next workshop. We also recognized that there’s need for one or more women to be on the committee so that the “Mrs. Claus voice” is represented.
      Old Business
      Elections for the four Board positions (chairman, vice chairman, treasurer and secretary) will be held at the general meeting on Feb. 1. The only two individuals that we know of to date who are running for a position are Dennis Gorley (for treasurer) and Russell Albright
      (for vice chairman). An e-mail will be sent to members encouraging further nominations. Nominations should be sent to Bob Partlow by Jan. 15th so that a ballot can be prepared. We will also be accepting write-in nominations that day. Trever has agreed to stay on as NORPAC’s webmaster unless the new board decides to go in a
      different direction with NORPAC’s website.
      New Business
      Dennis S. moved (Gene 2nded) that NORPAC make a $250 contribution to ClausNet. Discussion followed. ClausNet is seen as a valuable resource to NORPAC and to the broader Santa community as well. We’d like to be supportive of ClausNet which, as a non-profit,
      relies largely on contributions for its funding. Motion approved unanimously.

      Trever adjourned the meeting at 1:30 PM.
      Respectfully submitted,
      Dale Scott, Secretary
      Next meeting: NORPAC General Membership meeting at noon on Saturday, 2/1/2020 at
      Billy McHale’s Restaurant, Federal Way.

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    Meeting Minutes Executive Board Meeting Jan 4, 2020

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