Executive Board Meeting Jan 19, 2019

Meeting Minutes Executive Board Meeting Jan 19, 2019

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    Russell Albright

      NORPAC’s Board met on Jan. 19, 2019, at Mitzels Restaurant, 22330 84 th Ave. S., Kent, WA. Board members present were Randy Cook, Jerry Galland, Dennis Gorley, Gene Sanders, Dale Scott, Dennis
      Simpson, and Trever Waltos. Also attending was Tracey Galland.
      Trever called the meeting to order at 9:10AM.
      Treasurer’s Report . Dennis G.’s Year End Report for 2018 showed a beginning balance (on Jan. 1, 2018) of $7,474.83 and a year-end balance (on Dec. 31, 2018) of $7,580.55. Membership at end of year was 71, 8 members had paid their 2019 dues, and 29 had secured background checks through NORPAC.
      The Christmas Performer Workshop sponsored by NORPAC last June was attended by 34 participants with a revenue of $6,705.00, expenditures of $5,042.52, for a net of $1,707.48.
      NORPAC’s Northwest Santa Workshop last October had a total attendance of 72 (17 individuals, 24 couples, and 7 guests). Revenue was $4,421.00 and expenditures were $4,183.90.
      Dennis also presented a proposed balanced budget for 2019 with projected income and expenditures of $9,205.00. Dennis moved adoption of the presented 2019 budget; Dale 2nded the motion; budget
      adopted unanimously.
      Review of Workshop Evaluations . Gene had compiled the results of the evaluation from last October’s Santa Workshop at the Great Wolf Lodge. There were many positive comments about the quality of the presentations, good use of workshop time, tips from other Santas, etc. Speaker/presenter Johnathan Burton seems to have been very well received. By a margin of 3 to 1, participants favored the move of the workshop to Oct. (instead of Nov. as in previous years).
      Northwest Santa Workshop Planning Committee . Trever lead a discussion on forming a planning committee to decide the details of the 2019 workshop at the Great Wolf Lodge. Forming a committee would be an alternative to the Board doing the planning of the workshop as it has in the past. We discussed the need for the proposed committee to include at least some Board members to provide continuity and background. Dennis G., Dale, and Randy all volunteered to serve on the committee. Dennis S. moved (Dennis G. 2nded) that this year’s planning committee include 3 Board members and 3 or 4 other NORPAC members who volunteer. Motion passed unanimously. Trever will include this item on the agenda at the upcoming general membership meeting and will send an e-mail inviting NORPAC members to consider volunteering for this committee.
      Agenda for NORPAC Santas for 2019 :
      Toys for Kids—Mariners game on July 25 th vs. Detroit Tigers: Trever shared that NORPAC will again participate in the Toys for Kids promotion at this baseball game in July.
      Tacoma Rainiers Game : Dennis G. recommended not doing this again this year due to dwindling participation. After discussion we reached consensus that NORPAC would not purchase a block of tickets for a Rainiers game this summer.
      Community Activities: Trever shared that NORPAC should be looking for and open to assisting with community activities. He’s recently become aware of “Go Baby Go,” an organization in Seattle that puts together little motorized cars for children with special needs. Trever also recommended that NORPAC consider making a financial contribution to this organization at some time.​
      Meeting Dates-2019 : Trever identified the tentative dates for this year’s NORPAC meetings. These dates are Feb. 2, Apr. 6, June 1, Aug. 3 (annual picnic), and Oct. 3-5 (Northwest Santa Workshop at GWL).
      NORPAC Jackets & Magnetic Nametags : Dennis G. will be sending out information to let members know that these items can be ordered by those who want them if there is enough interest.
      Old Business :
      Removal from NORPAC Website . The Board has had some previous discussion about how soon to remove an individual’s picture and contact info. from the NORPAC website if the person hasn’t renewed
      his or her membership. We reached consensus that such information will be removed as of March 1, 2019, if that person hasn’t renewed membership by then. This will be announced at the general
      membership meeting on Feb. 2 nd .
      Scholarships for 2019: In 2018 the NORPAC board established a pair of $250 scholarships to assist two of our members with the cost of attending the Northwest Santa Conference last October. After discussion, we reached consensus that we will do the same for this year with the understanding that we may increase the number of scholarships if NORPAC’s financial status allows for that.
      New Business :
      Timing of Background Checks: NORPAC’s membership and background are based on the yearly calendar. Background checks through IBRBS are typically available each Sept. in preparation for the upcoming “Santa season.” It’s been suggested by a couple people that NORPAC change its “calendar” to coincide with that of IBRBS. Dennis G., who keeps track of NORPAC members’ membership and background checks, indicated that he’s fine with keeping NORPAC’s things as they are presently. No changes made to current practice.
      NORPAC’s Sleigh. NORPAC owns a sleigh that we acquired in 2015 and rebuilt/restored in 2015/2016. Approx. $630.00 was spent to re-do the sleigh, with Randy Cook doing most of the work. The sleigh is available for use by any NORPAC member but requires a trailer or good sized pick-up truck to move. The sleigh has had no use recently and the owner of the barn where it is currently stored would like us to move it from that location. After discussion, it was decided that we’d ask at the upcoming general membership if any NORPAC member has a place to store the sleigh and a means of moving it. If so, the sleigh will still belong to NORPAC (and will be available to any of us). If not, the consensus was to sell the sleigh. In recognition of the many hours that Randy worked on restoring the sleigh, Dennis G. moved (Gene 2nded) that if we sell the sleigh, 50% of the sale price will be given to Randy. Unanimously approved. ( Note : Randy had another commitment and left the meeting early. He was not part of the discussion about the sleigh nor the vote described above).
      Room Discounts at GWL. Each year at the Santa Workshop at the GWL, a few rooms have been reserved for NORPAC at a discounted rate. Board members who have previously comprised the workshop planning committee have booked these rooms. Gene suggested that we need to discuss this since only some of the Board members will be on the workshop planning committee for 2019. There was consensus that we need to have further discussion on this topic. No action taken.

      Meeting adjourned at 11:15 AM.

      Respectfully submitted,
      Dale Scott, Secretary

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    Meeting Minutes Executive Board Meeting Jan 19, 2019

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