Executive Board Meeting Feb. 3,2018

Meeting Minutes Executive Board Meeting Feb. 3,2018

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    Russell Albright

      Minutes of Executive Board Meeting
      Trever Waltos called the meeting to order at 11:12 AM. All of the Exec. Board members were in attendance and included in addition to Trever: Randy Cook, Jerry Galland, Dennis Gorley, Ron Kearns, Gene Sanders, Dale Scott, and Dennis Simpson.

      Feedback on 8th Annual Northwest Santa Workshop. A brief discussion took place centered on the feedback provided by participants in the NORPAC sponsored workshop at the Great Wolf Lodge (GWL) last Nov. 2-4. (Gene had tabulated this feedback and sent it to board members prior to today’s meeting). The feedback indicated that overall the participants were very pleased with the conference, and specifically with the training and ideas provided by this year’s guest speaker, Santa Robert Seutter, aka “Santa True.”

      Santa True–Proposed Workshop. At Trever’s request, Randy has been in contact with True who would like to come back for a 2-day workshop, but probably during the summer when he’s less busy than in November. True is willing to do this for $4000, with him paying for his own transportation and accommodations, but he’d like NORPAC to sponsor the proposed workshop and arrange a facility. Randy moved (Gene 2nded) that NORPAC sponsor a 2-day workshop featuring Santa True. We discussed pros and cons. A possible concern was whether participation in such a workshop sometime this summer might negatively impact attendance at next fall’s workshop at the GWL. We finally agreed, by a vote of 7-1, to table the motion. Dennis S. moved (Ron 2nded) that we survey the membership to determine their level of interest. Motion passed unanimously. Randy offered to create such a survey and Dale and Trever agreed to help.

      2018 Budget. Dennis G. moved adoption of the proposed 2018 NORPAC budget that he had prepared and sent to board members a few days ago. Approved unanimously.

      Signers on Bank Account. Dennis G. moved (Dale 2nded) that we add Trever Waltos as an additional signatory to the NORPAC Santas bank account. Motion carried unanimously.

      Dates of Fall Conference at the GWL. Trever reported that three sets of dates are available for our next Annual Northwest Santa Workshop. The dates are Sept. 13-15, Oct. 4-6, and Nov. 1-3. After some discussion, it was agreed that these would be discussed at the general membership meeting today.

      Disaster Relief Contribution. Trever announced that a check for $1143.00 is being sent from NORPAC to the Lone Star Santas (Texas) and the same to the Palm Tree Santas (Florida) for those organizations to help provide toys or fill other needs for children whose families were affected by the recent floods in those states.

      Meeting adjourned by Trever at 11:50 AM.

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    Meeting Minutes Executive Board Meeting Feb. 3,2018

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