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Russell Albright

    To further expound on this topic….

    The security of Zoom is strength exponentially when utilizing the following (all of which I do use for any of our meetings):

    • Password locking the meeting.
    • Participants must wait for host to join before they can join.
    • Monitoring of the participant list to ensure that those that are attending should be there.
    • Require host permission to record or screen share.
    • Utilize encryption by default.
    • Utilize waiting room to only invite those that should be in the meeting there. (I turn this off for Norpac’s meetings for various reasons.)

    The reason Zoom is getting such a bad rap is due to inexperienced people flooding the system and now using it due to COVID-19. And they are not aware or are blissfully ignorant of some additional settings that need to be done. This is the reality of the world we now live in, one that is connected remotely. I hope that my answers will provide peace of mind and that more of our membership will realize that it really is safe to attend Zoom meetings. Especially Zoom webinars where participants are receive only and cannot send anything to the rest of the group.