Costello, Patrick

In a perfect world, your job falls to you naturally. For 31 years, I was a Seattle mailman and every Christmas I WAS THE MAN DELIVERING JOY & PRESENTS TO ALL OF MY PATRONS. The suit was a hat, red pants, jacket, and a string of bell proceeding a bearded, jolly, giant St, Nick, with a pouch full of presents. Since then, I’ve done a few parties and was very entertaining the last Christmas seasons as a sometimes singing Santa Claus at the downtown Macy’s, Westwood Village Mall, and Redmond Town Center. The Town Center was pretty entertained when they sang “Here Comes Santa Claus” & I (Santa Claus) joined the performance! “Dog Gone Great Santa !” I love for reading to children, home visits(did a Christmas in July party), corporate events, or whatever events express the JOY of the season. Located in South Seattle/Sea-Tac area.

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