Bryden, George

My title of Santa George may be a new jingle to my ears, but working with children is an old song I am very familiar with. I have coached various athletic teams, played an active role with United Way, hosted fishing derbies and field trips for children and have always felt connected with the little people of the world. I was born and raised on Vancouver Island, where my wife and I have raised our two beautiful children and recently been promoted to Grandparents! The joy of becoming a Grandpa made me realize that I have the opportunity to create a similar joy for people not just during that magical time of year. Long before officially wearing the Red Suit, I had experienced that glance of wonder that kids give me when they see the big white beard, and jolly ole belly (you can thank my love of cookies for that). 2018 was my first official year as playing Santa, and it was a busy, magical season for me. I was involved with school events, charity events, private events and corporate events and loved every moment of it. It is not only the children that feel the Spirit of Christmas, but all ages, and putting this Red Suit on, is one of the most magical and rewarding things I have done.

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