Norpac Mtg minutes, 2-5-2022

Meeting Minutes Norpac Mtg minutes, 2-5-2022

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    Santa Chuck


      Minutes of Meeting of Feb. 5, 2022 

      NORPAC Santas met today the Billy McHales Restaurant in Federal Way, WA.  


      Minutes of General Membership Meeting 

      Greetings: Santa Russell Albright called the meeting to order at 12:10 PM and welcomed those in attendance. An approximate total of about 20 people were in physical attendance including Santas and other friends of NORPAC. There were about 7 to 10 people logged on for a virtual viewing. 

      Meal Blessing. Blessing was given. 

      Santa Claus Oath was led by Santa Russell.  Mrs. Claus Oath was led by Glena Gorley. 

      Introductions.  NORPAC welcomes all of you and we hope you’ll return for future NORPAC meetings. 

      Minutes.  Russell stated that the minutes from previous membership meeting could be examined on the NORPAC website. 

      Treasurer’s Report 

      Dennis Gorley presented the 2021-year end Treasurers Report showing the following: 

      December 31, 2021: Balance = $9,580.97 

      Savings = $ 432.56  

      Checking = $   9,098.41  

      Petty Cash = $ 50.00 

      Year -To – Date January 1st Balance = $   9,059.01 

      Revenue = $   9,155.82 

      Expenditures = $   9,683.86 

      Petty Cash = $        50.00 

      12/31/21, Balance = $   9,580.97 

      The 2021 Year-end Budget vs Actuals report was handed out as part of Treasurers report. 

      The proposed 2022 Budget will be presented to officers in next Executive Board meeting. 

      He encouraged anyone with questions to contact him. 

      Election to Amend By-Laws. 

      Motion was made by Dennis Gorley to amend Section 7 of the By-Laws to create staggered terms of the Executive Board.  Specific language to be voted on is as follows with words to be removed lined through and new language In RED. 


      Section 7.1 Elections.  Elections for the Executive Board shall be held at the general meeting held in February. . An election may also be held via an electronic vote upon approval of the existing Executive Board. 

      Section 7.2 Term of elected positions.  The term of elected positions shall be two years from date elected and end upon the election held in February. The Chair and Secretary positions shall be elected in an even numbered year and the Vice Chair and Treasurer shall be elected in an odd numbered year. The Vice Chair and Treasurer positions shall be elected for one year term in 2022. 

      Section 7.3 Election procedure.  Nominations for Executive Board positions may be made by any member in good standing on or before January 15th of the election year.  Nominations will be presented to the Election Committee Chair appointed by the Executive Board on or before specified date.  A ballot with all nominations will be presented to the membership for voting and upon completion returned to the Election Committee Chair. 

      If an electronic vote is utilized the procedure will be identified before the vote takes place. 

      The voice vote was unanimous to approve. 

      Election of Officers. Bob Partlow chaired the election for candidates to serve as members of the NORPAC Executive Board for the terms as approved in the By-Law amendment. The slate included: 

      Chairman – Mark DeMonbrun; Vice Chair – Russell Albright II; Secretary – Chuck Parish; and Treasurer-Dennis Gorley 

      Pat Costello moved that the slate be approved as presented (several seconds were made). The voice vote was unanimous.  

      Upcoming Events 

      Bob Partlow is coordinating the Mariners Santa event to be held in July. 

      Dennis Gorley reported that the Tacoma Rainiers had contacted him and wanted to know if NORPAC wanted to schedule a day at the Rainiers Game.  Dennis said if there was interest, he would contact them. 

      Discussion of Date for this Year’s Conference 

      Mark DeMonbrun reported that the Executive Board when it meets will make a decision on where and when the conference would be held this year.  Initial discussion seemed to be leaning toward same event as we had last year but was cancelled. 

      50/50 Drawing. Dennis G. reported that $136 had been collected for today’s drawing. Half of this amount ($68) will remain in NORPAC’s treasury; the other half was won by Santa Dennis Gorley who’d bought the winning raffle ticket. Thanks to all who participated. 

      Upcoming meetings: to be announced 

      Adjournment. Meeting adjourned at approximately 2:30 PM.  

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    Meeting Minutes Norpac Mtg minutes, 2-5-2022

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