February 4, 2023 NORPAC General Meeting Minutes 

Meeting Minutes February 4, 2023 NORPAC General Meeting Minutes 

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    Santa Chuck

      February 4, 2023 NORPAC General Meeting Minutes 

      Meeting called to order at 12:20pm 

      Santa Oath and Mrs Claus Oath recited. 

      Election: Moved, seconded, and carried by acclimation. President – Gene Sanders for one year completing the term of the previous president. Vice president – Bob Partlow, 2 years, Treasurer – Dennis Gorley, 2 years 

      Moved, seconded, and carried to offer honorary memberships to Ron Kearns and Dennis Simpson 

      Future meeting dates: April 8, June 3 and BBQ at Ernie’s home on August 5 

      July 17th Mariners Christmas in July event; contact Bob Partlow for more information 

      Treasurer’s report – Dennis Gorley gave the treasurer’s report. Attachments are at the end of this report. 

      IBRBS report was presented by Jim Beidle                                                                                                        Voting for 2023 Board of Directors takes place between February 1 and February 15.   https://ibrbs.org/2023-board-of-directors-candidate-statements-are-available/ 

      Thomas Carmody Christmas school scholarships; up to 10 $250 scholarships; applications must be submitted by March 31, 2023;  https://ibrbs.org/scholarships/   

      The ISC 2024 event will be held in Memphis, Tennessee; dates are April 24-28 and includes 3 full days; all meals included on Friday and Saturday; more details at the preregistration page;  https://ibrbs.org/isc2024/   

      There is a consensus that having a Mrs Claus as a board member is a good idea. Interested individuals should contact the board. 

      Buy and sell policy – If you have items to sell or give away, feel free to bring them to the general meeting. If anything is left at the end of the meeting, please take your items back home. 

      Will discuss Norpac convention a later date. 

      There will be some training at each meeting. Please submit your suggestions to Chuck Parrish. Here are some suggestions that have been offered so far. 

      • Insurance 
      • Frequently asked questions – Responses 
      • Karla Gates – Can offer training in recognizing and responding to mental health issues, suicide, depression.  Working with the child anxiety, autism, and other unusual behavior. 
      • Puppets worked into presentations 
      • Balloon art and Puppet training 
      • Beard care 
      • Starting a Santa business. The legal and tax aspects of doing so. 
      • What kind of things can Mrs. Claus do with kids? 
      • Santa poses and lines to use 
      • Availability of costumes 
      • Info as a business 

      Time was allowed for general discussion and stories. 

      $240 on the 50/50 raffle. ½ went to the winning ticket. 

      Adjournment:  1:50pm 

      Minutes provided by Secretary Chuck Parrish 

      2022 Revenue Report Final Treasurers Report 12-31-2022 2022 Conference Financial Report Final

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    Meeting Minutes February 4, 2023 NORPAC General Meeting Minutes 

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