Christen, Tony

Santa Tony is the real Santa. He knows this because youngsters from one to ninety-nine have told him so. Though a fairly new Santa, I have had the spirit of Santa in me my whole life. I love children of all ages and absolutely love bringing Love, Hope and Joy into the lives of children of all ages. This Santa thing is a real blessing from God and I want to share that blessing with as many children of all ages that I can. My only regret about being Santa is that I didn’t start much sooner. Mrs. Claus attends events with Santa if you need both of us let us know. Santa Tony is at a local business called Gifted and a coffee shop called The Station. He has been Santa for Showcase Events in Denver, Colorado, (Colorado Country Christmas Gift Show), Salt Lake City, Utah, (Salt Lake’s Family Christmas Gift Show) and have the pleasure of working at the Tacoma Dome, (Tacoma Holiday Food & Gift Festival) this year. Santa Tony does visits at Children’s Hospital in Seattle and will do my best to continue to do so on a yearly basis. He does Forgotten Children of Lewis County and a local event for foster children. He has done home visits and corporate events. Santa Tony is a member of the Brotherhood of Real Bearded Santas, (IBRBS), Norpac Santas, Nationwide Santas, Christian Santas, Clausnet and the Santa Claus Conservatory. He is background checked. He has attended the Norpac Workshop for Santas and Christmas Performer Workshop. Santa Tony has taken the Santa Claus Oath and will honor it forever. Santa Tony has a real beard and plenty of natural stuffing to fill my fluffy red suit. I/we look forward to attending your event. Peace be with you and God Bless.

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