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    Russell Albright

      Brothers and Sisters in Red:

      It would seem that many of you are confused by the emails that the website is sending out. A feature I added last year was the ability to reply by email to the message board. Each of you by default are subscribed to each section of the message board, which means that every message that comes through on the message board you will get an email notification. That email will have a subject line of: “[Norpac Santas] New topic:” and then the topic title. Replying to that email sends an email to the website which adds your reply to the message board. And consequently sends an email to every person. So please do not reply to the same topic multiple times with the same information. If you have any questions about a topic, you may follow the link included in that email to send you to the website. It will link you directly to the message board and the current topic, where you can read every message and reply about that topic.

      When you reply to that email everyone receives an email that states: “[Norpac Santas] New reply for” and the topic title. This is someone that replied to a message board email.

      At present there is no clear way to mark a job as being filled on the Request A Santa board. For the time being, if you have taken a job that was originally posted on the website, please log in to the website and under the message board, scroll to the bottom and Create a New topic, title the topic details about the job in question and filled. (For example, if the visit was a home visit in Enumclaw, WA for Dec 17 @ 7pm. put in the title, “Home Visit, Enumclaw, WA – Dec 17 @ 7pm – Filled” and then in the message contents put the details that need to be shared with the group.

      I hope this helps you all out on the operation of our website.

      Michael Slavin

        Good info! Thanks Santa Russ!

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      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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