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Russell Albright II

    I guess I should tell everyone, that replying to the email notification is one thing. I can see those (because I was the one that created this post), but the point of a discussion forum is so that everyone can see the reply. So rather than just hitting “reply” on the email notification. Please click on the link in the notification (the link next to the words: Topic Link), login to the website, navigate to the Message Board, and then click on reply. That way everyone sees your replies. 🙂

    The purpose or objective behind a virtual get-together is just that. To gather as Santas of Norpac to share stories with each other. To keep each other in high-spirits, and to do virtually what we would normally do at our general meetings, learn from each other. Pass on new information and just see each other. In these times where we are all physically apart to stay healthy, have interactions with others is such a vital role to our own mental health and well-being. And besides taking a group shot will be a LOT easier, and I doubt any other IBRBS chapter has done one. So posting our big virtual group shot will be a lot of fun!